Unity Experiments

All Day Every Day | Ingredients: Unity, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion

The most important think I’ve learned at The New School, is how invaluable rapid prototyping can be. From major studio 2 I’ve got a chance to experiment with creating a framework for procedurally generating stories. This involved diving in pathfinding and breaking down narrative into character archetypes, settings and plot devices. I learned that AI bots have a huge potential to tell an emergent story simply through their interactions with each other.

Other experiments have been less functional and more just to see what happens. When the Leap Motion Jam came around this year, I decided to integrate it as an input device for Jonathan Odul’s Gameboy Emulation Library for Unity. In the same vein of QWOP, my goal was to make the simple act of playing pokemon unnecessarily difficult… because technology.