Wisetail LMS

Photo: Raymond Lombardi

Summer 2018 – Summer 2020 | Ingredients: Sketch, Invision, Figma

I started at Wisetail as a UX designer on the newly formed product team, and over the years broadened my role into an interactive product designer. Our focus was on reinventing admin tools for an online learning management platform that leveraged the strengths of social media and gamification. During this time, I had a hand in designing new and enhanced features as we migrated clients to a new code base.

Creating & Managing Design Systems

Before I joined my team, our UI was heavily based on the angular material library that the product was originally built upon. But as our platform grew, one of my favorite projects became the creation of a branded design system, based on atomic design principles. My responsibilities included finalizing a WCAG compliant color palette, defining an array of button styles, and building modular components, such as panels, prompts, and notifications.

Writing Design Specs with Pixel Perfection

I’m proud of the collaboration our team fostered with engineering, handing off design specifications that continuously evolved to meet their needs. We utilized Invision’s inspector tools, included code snippets in our Zeroheight documentation, and created detailed “red-line” diagrams to make sure each component was pixel perfect.

Designing for Scalability

Part of our design process was accounting for responsiveness on various devices and resolutions, as well as support for future internationalization.

Solving Abstract Problems Through Iteration

Most projects required documentation of behaviors that occurred behind the scenes. To explain and test these designs, we utilized flow charts, paper sketches, and interactive prototypes. Through this iterative design process, we were able to polish the experience of each handoff and handle complex edge cases.

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