Timex Smartwatches & Connected Apps

Summer 2016 – Spring 2018 | Ingredients: Adobe XD

As part of Timex’s research and development team, I worked as a UX/UI Designer for digital smartwatches, activity trackers, and their connected applications across multiple platforms. Although I worked on a handful of products and prototypes, the most recent one to release was the Ironman R300 GPS.

Photo: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)

Designing Apps That Scale

Our designs for the companion apps were created with scalability in mind. We took into account features of past and future products to design an ecosystem for Timex’s smart devices. We challenged ourselves to make sense of the various features that each watch offered, the different platforms they could connect to, and the variety of data that could be collected.

Bringing Mockups to Life Through Prototyping

Using Adobe XD, we mapped out as many interactions as we could to provide a rich prototyping and testing experience. This helped us to ensure that complex navigation structures felt intuitive with just 4 buttons.

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